SubPac is VR

A must-have accessory for a complete VR experience, bringing you closer to immersion and presence.

Adding a SubPac to your gaming or VR rig instantly brings untold benefits.

Competitive Advantage

Feel your surroundings, like the footsteps of an adversary approaching from behind you.

Transform Your Chair

Your existing chair becomes a full tactile gaming chair.

Quiet to Everyone

Replace your sub-woofer, and keep your parents, kids and neighbors happy.


The SubPac is truly plug-and-play, and works out of the box with all of your favorite games and VR experiences.

PC, Console & VR

Using a simple audio out connection, the SubPac adds the physical dimension to any set up.

Immerse Yourself

Physically feel the thrill of every explosion, every match and every adventure in a way never before possible.

“An awesome accessory for any VR experience.”

“What makes SubPac great is the thrill of the sensation.”

“The most powerful and immersive gaming peripheral on the market right now and an awesome way to radically intensify the Alienware gaming experience.”

“I just got my DK2 and played Elite  with a SubPac and full HOTAS setup and I swear I have seen the face of God. The sounds and visuals are just perfect. There is nothing even remotely close to this experience … the future is now!”

– Reddit User (mastermx)

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