The Subpac does not alter the phase of the signal.  Waveforms projected from the headphones and the Subpac are 100% in phase with each other.  There are many recordings released with phase problems in the range of tactile sound. Just like trying a set of high end speakers or headphones, the listener will be drawn to “new” sounds in a favorite old recording. You can monitor these timing differences with the Subpac in great detail.  It is easy to detect sloppy production habits like edits not starting a zero crossings and layered samples clashing with each other, etc… 

Waveforms projected from monitor speakers and the SUBPAC will be experienced at a small delay depending on distance.  In air, sound takes around 1ms to travel one foot (a very rough approximate that depends on environmental factors), the SUBPAC will feel earlier by this small amount. In most studios you will have to really concentrate to notice this because we are already programed to compensate for this delay.  Remember that sound travels much faster through solid objects.  If your speakers are resting on furniture, you will feel them before you hear them.  At large distances or in theaters where the speakers are very far away, the delay will become very obvious.  This is all easily corrected by inserting a software delay to the SUBPAC to line the signals up.


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