For anyone who has an S1 and transitioned to an S2. The S2 has a few key differences that are important to consider.

1-  The perceived amount of bass varies in where you place the product on your body.  Experiment with the included strap on your chair to find where it feels the most accurate on your body.  Try high, medium and low placement and choose the one that feels the strongest at a constant intensity setting.  Many S1 users are finding that the S2 works the best when placed above or not resting on the seat for starters.

2- The intensity knob has been changed from linear (S1) to logarithmic (S2) based on feedback we received that the initial part of the intensity curve was too much.  This allows the circuit to interact better with the unit and extends battery time.  Knob placement and calibration differ between the two product designs.  We will be releasing a video shortly on how to best calibrate it.   Rest assured, the S2 has the same max power as the S1.  If you want a more intense response, just turn up the intensity knob.

3- The S2 custom transducers are a different design and have less distortion than the original.  They also have a flatter frequency response across the range.  These two factors along with the logarithmic knob will result in setting differences but ultimately vastly improve the tactile experience.

The important thing to consider is that you have a consistent reference.  If you want to mix with more tactile feedback (ie high levels of SUBPAC), make sure you keep it at that level throughout.  Also remember to reference other tracks from your own catalogue and tracks from other musicians who you believe are successful at mixing low frequencies.

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