SubPac: Both.  Really.  One, awesome. Both, better.  The S2 was designed for the seated person – in the studio, in the car, sitting in front of a screen (too much of that in life, really).  Its body coverage gives you a more immersive experience whose tactile transducers sit lower on your body, it resonates with your body and chest.

The M2 designed for the mobile user.  Are you standing up?  Are you in transit?  Are you dancing at a silent disco?  The M2 is for you.   It sits a little higher up on your body and resonates with your chest and shoulder region.

If you’re a DJ (either playing gigs or working in your room), you need to feel what is going on in your mix.   You need to experience what the crowd is experiencing – headphones are not enough (and you’re killing your ears cranking the levels) trying to hear/feel what’s happening.  Please, strap on a SUBPAC M2 and monitor your music the right way – by hearing AND feeling it.  Experience what the crowd is experiencing and save your hearing.

When you’re sitting, you want a fuller/broader experience one that you can lean off of if you want (though you probably won’t).  For that reason, we designed the S2.

S2 or M2, awesome.  S2 + M2, better.

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