SubPac: When you feel sound it gives you the sensation of a loud system.  You won’t need to crank your system to feel immersed.  Most large systems/clubs have lower powered subs/bass vs treble/mids (for noise complaints or other reasons).  Because of this, in order to attempt to deliver you a full sound, the mids/highs are cranked, which kills your ears.  

With a Subpac, you can adjust the physical bass element and keep your mids/highs (i.e. headphones/monitors) at whatever level is optimal for you.  

The SUBPAC, tactile sound, is an elegant solution to the under-appreciated hearing loss/tinnitus issues plaguing those who appreciate music.  When you feel music you don’t need to push your ears to give you that immersive experience.  The vibrations of the SUBPAC are conducted through your bones – the most effective way of delivering real bass.

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