In 2013, our physical sound technology enabled music producers to create music optimized for feeling the physical dimension of sound. For the first time, we could feel music in a deeply immersive way without increasing volume or even requiring headphones. The results thrilled music fans and, especially bass lovers.

Today, SUBPAC is pioneering a revolution in physical audio by enabling experiential sound to improve all forms of entertainment – not only music, but also video games & virtual reality experiences- even cinema in theaters.

While busy building the next generations of our patent-pending technology, we also actively work at a grassroots level with producers & sound designers or all types to create, share & promote a deeper, physical connection to music, entertainment, and the world around us.

We believe that music and sound vibrations deepen our connection, affecting us physically, mentally and emotionally in measurably positive and meaningful ways.

For more about the inspiration behind SUBPAC & our grassroots community-building efforts, read about the non-profit music foundation / tech incubator where it all began, Studiofeed.

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SUBPAC is brought to you by StudioFeed, an organization devoted to the development of technology and community engagement. Our organization is made up of a cross-disciplinary team of engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, academics, architects and other stakeholders of independent arts. StudioFeed is rooted in community, accelerated by technology, and powered by the music ecosystem. We are located in Los Angeles, Toronto, London, and the Bay Area with representatives in various cities around the world.

Toronto / LA / London

On a mission to bring Tactile Sound to the world,  John is a lifelong musician, visionary and tireless entrepreneur. Simply put, John is the reason you are reading this page. He will not be departing this Earth until SUBPAC’s objective has been achieved and everyone is FEELING the true impact of music.

Toronto / LA

An attorney and avid music collector, Todd left his practice to join his life-long friend John on the SUBPAC mission. He is the glue that holds SUBPAC together and he makes sure we are all operating at maximum efficiency. Todd was a fixture in the glory days of the 90’s rave culture in Toronto. Enough said.


A materials science engineer who previously worked on nanotech initiatives at the University of Toronto, Sarosh is responsible for heading SUBPAC’s R&D efforts, with a focus on vibrotactile membranes and overall system integration – he has spent many a long night debating the future of Bass with too many producers and DJ’s to mention…


Taymoore is the Architect.  He received the Canada Council for the Arts’ Prix de Rome in Architecture for Emerging Practitioners, working and conducting research in Spain, West Africa, Greece, and Egypt. As a founding partner of Atelier3AM, he is developing a body of work that includes libraries, housing, places of worship, temporary shelter and disaster relief, cultural centres, and projects of urban revitalization.

San Francisco

A dub and bass head to the core, Sean is no stranger to pioneering major cultural shifts in music and technology, starting with the formation of digital music sales in the late ‘90’s. He is responsible for spearheading SUBPAC’s strategic partnership development initiatives across the globe.

(aka FreQ Nasty) – LA

A world-renowned producer and DJ – Darin is a founding father of breakbeat music and Bass culture. He is responsible for bringing together all of our artist supporters and focusing our mission to bring tactile Bass to the creative communities.


A promoter of the weekly Bass Tribe nights in LA (and now across multiple cities in the US), a Burning Man camp fixture, DJ, and attorney, Zach is a one-man force of all-things Bass. He is the nexus between the SUBPAC team and the rest of the world, and makes sure we all have what we need in our mission to #spreadBass. Spend a night out on the town in LA and you will be very likely to run into Zach, spreading the gospel of tactile Bass.


Record buyer at BM Soho and Dub Vendor Retail in London, label head at NiteShade Inc. (deep, dark and tribal), respected producer and DJ (and also a visual artist) – Snooks quite simply knows his Bass. He is responsible for pushing out our mission to bring the SUBPAC into every gear and record store in the UK, along with making sure we are tapping into the right cultural veins in London, one of the most crucial cities in Bass-driven music.


A true member of the music ecosystem, Brenda is a key supporter of underground music and the various elements that intersect it. She is involved in promotion, partnership development, advocacy, event management and hardware/speaker design.

Steinach, Germany

AKA Demas, Thomas has been producing his own style of techno for over a decade. Influenced by the more intellectual flavors of electronic music, he has also run his own label, Klangscheiben, featuring artists from across the globe. Thomas is one of SUBPAC’s earliest supporters and has been actively spreading tactile Bass to the people of Germany since 2013.


The Zen Master of events, Tony has introduced many thousands of people to audio and video experiences that have forever changed their lives. Having run everything from massive raves in warehouses and outdoor venues to raging nights in some of the best clubs in the US, Tony is leveraging his 20 years of experience in bringing SUBPAC into the live events arena.

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