Who’s using the Subpac?

Meet our Supporters – amazing artists who have shaped the music that we listen to, are defining what our musical future holds,
and are embracing the paradigm shift into tactile audio and the physical dimension of sound.



“To understand music, you need to feel it, in the studio, on the street and everywhere in between. SubPac brings the feeling to Music.“


Richie Hawtin / Plastikman

“By introducing the physical dimension of sound, the SubPac creates a direct connection between the fan and the music in its purest form, allowing a deeper appreciation for the music we all love. As with all Plastikman albums, there is a lot of sonic information in the lower frequency range, that make the SubPac a perfect listening accompaniment in order to fully appreciate the experience.“


Dada Life

“The SubPac allows you to feel the bass! Imagine the vibe and inspiration you get when you're at a concert and the bass hits you, now we have that feeling in the studio!“



“When I activate the SubPac I am transported to a world of 3-D frequencies.”



“As you know in DUB, the bass is the most important.. with the SubPac we can trust that the listener can scientifically feel what we produce in the studio.“



“I got turned onto The SubPac by an excited Richie Hawtin and upon the first demo, it totally blew me away and has forever changed the way I listen to music. Now my SubPac and I are inseparable and have since traveled around the globe together!“


Matt Black – Coldcut

“The SubPac is a quantum leap in experiencing sound. I use it to sense bass for auditioning tunes for DJ sets and also bass design for my own productions. Its a huge boon all round.“


Adrian Sherwood

“Without a doubt, the most useful studio tool I have come across in many years!“


Calyx and Tee Bee

“The SubPac has become a vital part in taking the guess work out of how the low transients plus subs will feel on big systems. It has massively improved our tracks and saves us a lot of time where we in the past had to go back in on mixdowns. We can not recommend the SubPac enough!“



“Using the Subpac has really helped me with fine-tuning sub bass in my mixdowns. It's especially useful when mixing kick drums against the sub - something that until now required a heavy element of trial and error!“


George Clinton

“I'm into this shit. It knocked the bottom out of my ass!“



“The SubPac is a revolutionary tool to allow my fans to feel my music the way I feel it in the studio - with proper Bass weight and depth. And it's a sick production tool too.“



“After a night using the Subpac I can say that it’s an awesome tool…using my headsets, I’m totally transported like mixing in the festival “Les Vieilles Charrues”. In my studio, I don’t need too much volume... with the Subpac I get tired more slowly…“


Stephan Bodzin

“What the SubPac does is actually quite easy to describe. It adds sub bass directly to your body. This is such an outstanding experience that got me addicted right away.“


The Gaslamp Killer

“The M1 allows me to take my studio anywhere and test all of my music on the road. It's one of the most important tools a touring producer can have!“


Hank Shocklee

“The SubPac is a game changer!“


Om Unit

“The SubPac is so innovative and useful for making music as well as enjoying low frequencies without damaging your ears... Revolutionary!“


Decibel Festival

“SubPac is a profound device: It allows the user to go beyond listening, to 'understanding'. SubPac is a profound addition to any listening environment“



“SubPac has changed the way I listen to music completely. I don't even open promo emails without plugging the SubPac in first any more!“


Sinjin Hawke

“I’m completely addicted to the SubPac, can’t produce without it. It feels like mainlining sub-frequency information to my brain and tells me way more about what's going on in the subs than a traditional subwoofer setup...“

Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook

Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook

“My arse is alive with the sound of music!... Me like a lot!“



“The SubPac is one of the most powerful and immersive gaming peripherals on the market right now and an awesome way to radically intensify the Alienware gaming experience“



“Welcome to the future of audio production. Will never write another tune without this.“


The Glitch Mob

“For us, music boils down to emotion. To pure, distilled feeling. Subpac allows us to get closer to sound than ever before. The fact that you can actually feel each note on your skin creates a sonic intimacy that is truly ground breaking. We are hooked“


Dj Green Lantern

“Let me start by saying the SubPac is one of the dopest inventions ever. It let's you literally feel the bass of any audio as opposed to listening to it.“


Rob Smith

“Bass has always been something to feel as well as hear... the first sounds we hear in the womb are bass tones. It inspires a range of emotions from warm bliss, to exhilaration and excitement. SubPac lets you really feel the bass and sub tones that you are listening to or working on.“


Dirty Phonics

“Whether you're in the studio or on the road, the Subpac changes the way you write music by giving you a true bass response and physical feel at any level. This is a unique experience in music listening and production that everyone can relate to.“


Loco Dice

“I can't stress the importance of being able to feel the pressure of the music when I work in the club. The Subpac does exactly that while listening to music through my headphones. It is a great new addition to my promo listening workflow on the road and at home.”



“Using the SubPac at home will give the home-listener a full low-end bass experience - necessary to appreciate Tectonic releases as they are intended to be.“



“The phrase 'Game Changer' is used lightly all too often, but the Sub Pac is truly worthy of that title. From the first time I used one I knew I had to get involved in this movement as I truly believe that sound should be felt as well as heard“



“It's a must have in any music production setting… you will notice a big difference with it in your life the second it's out the box! SubPac saves ears/lives“



“SubPac is one of my favorite pieces of gear I've gotten my hands on - I was hooked after the first listen. I've been getting writing, engineering and even mastering work done on the road... and now I never listen to my DJ promos without it.“


Kode 9

“From a DJ and production point of view, when you use the SubPac, you get that kick, that punch that you wouldn't necessarily get unless you cranked your studio monitors.“