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bassroom x subpac

Pre-Order the SUBPAC X1:

Get BASSROOM for free

Perfect to pair with the SUBPAC, the BASSROOM helps beginners and pros nail their low-end in seconds.

Pre-ordered the New SUBPAC X1?

…then we have a special gift for you ❤️

Thanks to our friends over at Mastering the Mix, all customers who pre-order the New SUBPAC X1  get BASSROOM– Mastering EQ & Analyzer for FREE.*

*(Only valid in October until 10/31/20- One download code per customer)

Fill out this form to claim your code

I love how accurately the SUBPAC represents the low frequencies. Its an incredible reference point to have in the studio, I don’t work without it… It’s also a super fun and immersive way to enjoy music!

Tom FramptonAudio Engineer/ Mastering the Mix
bassroom x subpac

Key Benefits of BASSROOM

✓ Unique filters that deliver better clarity & transparency than market-leading EQs.

✓ Genre specific EQ target suggestions to take out the guesswork and give you pro results in seconds.

✓ 3D & fully resizable user interface for a more immersive mixing experience.

✓ Create your own EQ targets by importing reference tracks so you can get closer to the sound of your favorite tracks.

✓ Level match pointer on output gain helps you make sure you’re making real improvements to your music.

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