How do I measure or calibrate the SUBPAC?

The SUBPAC has only one control.  The response of the SUBPAC and the setting of the intensity knob depend on the users body mass and bass preference.  Your body has to learn the setting. This is why we left the knob continuously variable.  Click the link to listen to this calibration recording first to get your SUBPAC and headphones set for the best tactile/dynamic range.

Now follow these four steps to check yourself during production.

1. Select a song similar in style / production and preferably in the same key as the track you are mixing / producing

2. Before turning on the SUBPAC,  adjust the volume of the reference track in your main monitors so that the Kick Drum in the reference song is the same volume as the Kick Drum in the song you are mixing / producing
3. Now turn on the SUBPAC and play the reference song while you increase the intensity dial of the SUBPAC until you find a level that suits your taste.  If this level is different than the one achieved from listening to the calibration recording, make a note of the level difference.
4. Next use the SUBPAC (without adjusting the intensity knob) to compare the reference song to your song / mix and make adjustments accordingly, striving to match intensity and volume in the Sub-Bass and Bass frequencies of your song / mix to the reference song.