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Led by creators, we exist to create a world with a deeper connection to music & sound, by unlocking the power of bass frequencies.

SUBPAC Was Created To Transform Our Connection To Music & Sound:


The studio is where the magic happens .
SUBPAC is already being used by thousands of professionals who create the music & sound we enjoy today, and the new immersive media of tomorrow.
Take a look at some of our creators and the sounds they are spreading.


From grassroots to global, you will find SUBPAC weaved into the fabric of our community.
Follow our journey and become a part of the growing team of collaborators and partners around the World.


Born out of our non-profit foundation (Studiofeed), SUBPAC is the second part of a system designed to feed resources back into the grassroots music community. Empowering creators and shining a light on the people and ideas that support the authentic voice of the Artist is as the heart of our mission. For more information visit:

We Believe That Feeling Sound Vibrations Deepens Our Connection To Music.

Going back to our origins in 2013, SUBPAC’s tactile audio solutions were initially designed to enable music producers to optimize the bass frequency spectrum in their music. By reproducing the physical dimension of sound, musicians and their fans were finally able to FEEL music in its entirety without increasing volume or even requiring headphones at all – a beautiful thing. Today, SUBPAC is pioneering a global revolution in sound by creating a broad range of solutions that bring deeply immersive tactile audio to our everyday lives – music, video games, virtual and augmented reality, film, and more will never be the same.

While busy building the next embodiments of our technology, we also actively work at the grassroots level with producers & sound designers around the world to create, share, and promote a deeper connection to music & sound, and the world around us.



Studiofeed is the non-profit arm of SUBPAC.
Studiofeed is a media project whose focus is to provide support to the grassroots music ecosystem through a combination of financial, infrastructure, and ownership  in technology projects it launches.

For more information visit:

Health & Bass

A Network to highlight, investigate & explore how deep immersive music can optimize our emotional, physical and mental well-being.

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