Introducing SUBPAC FLOW™, a powerful platform for feeling music & sound, everywhere.

Building on the success of our professional audio products that have changed the game on how and where creators monitor and optimize BASS frequencies in their productions and performances, SUBPAC FLOWTM is a dynamic hardware and software platform bringing high fidelity FEELING to everyday life.

The FLOW platform enables 3rd party manufacturers to implement SUBPAC technologies into their products to provide their customers with the deepest and most immersive media experiences created to date. Features include:


  • Real-time DSP for low frequency optimization across all media types
  • Flexible API and SDKs to integrate with 3rd party applications
  • Sensor-ready to leverage biometric and environmental input data
  • Intuitive developer tools to customize audio parameters and tactile output
  • Authoring tools for enhanced media output at source
  • Creator-powered AI to inform advanced algorithms for media optimization is constantly evolving though our collaboration with thousands of SUBPAC studio users


  • Modular form factor integration for seated and wearable applications
  • Proprietary tactile drivers optimized for specific applications
  • Patented vibrotactile membranes to optimize low frequency resolution and targeted energy transfer

Peugeot Fractal

SUBPAC Automotive

Enhances and individualizes the music and media experience, while providing unique and intuitive safety alerts to the driver.


Provides users with the most immersive physical connection available.



Not only does SUBPAC make any gaming experience more powerful, gamers can leverage subtle cues to make better decisions while playing. SUBPAC is as fun as it is functional, and a potent addition to any PC, console or mobile gaming setup.

VR Simulators

An integral part of every VR set-up, SUBPAC delivers the full-body immersion VR demands. A unique shared experience, SUBPAC VR Simulators open the way to unimaginable possibilities. Integrated with SUBPAC audio technology to help your body follow your mind into new worlds.

The Future of SUBPAC Embedded Solutions




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