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Music Producers, Musicians & Sound Designers

Led by creators, our mission is to unlock the power of sound by introducing the physical dimension: the feeling.

Using the SUBPAC has really helped me with fine-tuning sub bass in my mixdowns. It’s especially useful when mixing kick drums against the sub – something that until now required a heavy element of trial and error!


SUBPAC is the best way to bring that club system to your own personal space. I love using it to test out how things might feel in a club before I play them out.


For us, music boils down to emotion. To pure, distilled feeling. SUBPAC allows us to get closer to sound than ever before. The fact that you can actually feel each note on your skin creates a sonic intimacy that is truly ground breaking. We are hooked.

The Glitch Mob

It surprised me how much better I understand the low range with the SUBPAC, it makes it way easier to estimate what a song will sound like on various systems. I also love the fact that I don’t turn the music up as loud as I used to, my ears will be very thankful in 30 years and my neighbors already are.

Zora Jones

The SUBPAC has become a vital part in taking the guess work out of how the low transients plus subs will feel on big systems. We can not recommend the SUBPAC enough!

Calyx and TeeBee

SUBPAC is a profoundly unique listening experience. At once powerful and transformative, you've never felt music like this.


It is now a vital part of my studio setup and I am finally able to feel those frequencies that are so vital to my music. It’s brought the club to my home without the deafening after effects.


I’m a sound gal so it was just something I needed and it makes me feel so great, It feels amazing no lie! I’ve been searching for something like this for a long time.

Cooly G

When I activate the SUBPAC I am transported to a world of 3-D frequencies.


With the SUBPAC, I can mix these big club records at a low level and still feel the bottom end as if I was in the biggest clubs in the world. Game changer!

Lu Diaz

Your Secret Weapon in the Studio




Big Bass, Anywhere




SUBPAC X1-wearable

Frequency Range

Adjustable between 1HZ - 250HZ.


The SUBPAC gives you a full range, portable production solution anywhere, anytime.

No External Noise

The SUBPAC is silent to the outside world. You will not get noise complaints, allowing you to create for longer, later into the night.

Save Your Hearing

Feeling sound puts less stress on your most valuable asset – your ears. With the SUBPAC you can produce/mix for longer at lower levels.

Unrivaled In-studio Bass Monitoring

SUBPAC is the most consistent and accurate bass monitoring solution on the market.

Full Frequency On-stage Bass Monitoring

SUBPAC is the perfect complement to in-ear monitoring, giving you the complete frequency spectrum for onstage monitoring.

Room Issues

SUBPAC takes the guesswork out of mixing low frequencies. The room you are in and its effect on bass frequencies is no longer an issue.


By physically feeling your music, your level of inspiration will be heightened – in the studio, on the plane, in your hotel room and on the stage.


How does your bass translate between sound systems? “What does my mix sound and feel like in a club or on a gaming rig?” Accurate tactile monitoring of low frequencies – SUBPAC – is the answer.

A Unified Experience

The SUBPAC X1 System Combines Hardware, Software & Pro-Wireless I/O



SUBPAC Software


C1 - Pro Wireless I/O



The Creators


“SUBPAC is a game changing experience for both artists & fans. It lets you feel the music like never before. Every record I make from now on will be optimized for feeling, for the SUBPAC.“


“By introducing the physical dimension of sound, SUBPAC creates a direct connection between the fan & the music in its purest form, allowing a deeper appreciation for the music we all love.“


“We produced &mixed Fat Joe’s BET track of the year All the Way Up on the SUBPAC. When that record hits it sounds bigger than every other record in the club. That’s thanks to the SUBPAC.“


“The SUBPAC allows you to feel the bass! Imagine the vibe & inspiration you get when you’re at a concert & the bass hits you, now we have that feeling in the studio!“


“From a DJ & production point of view, when you use the SUBPAC, you get that kick, that punch that you wouldn’t necessarily get unless you cranked your studio monitors.“


“The SUBPAC is a revolution in music listening & production. It plays a crucial part in both preparation for my BBC Radio 1 show and producing my own music in my home studio.“