Eko Zu

“The SUBPAC hits you like a wall of dual­18 subs on a festival dancefloor. You feel it in your bones, moving your body and morphing your music.”

Eko Zu burst onto the scene in 2016, a cross between the driving funk rhythms of Daft Punk and female-vocal focus of Kaskade. Their “Eternal Eyes” EP is scheduled for release September 16th. Rumored to have been found on the southern coast of Eko Isle, near the Mariana Trench, with severe amnesic syndrome. They survived on oysters, shellfish and coconuts. Their camp was invaded by sea lions reclaiming their territory for mating season, and the three were driven deep into the island. They were lucky to stumble across feral goats that provided them milk, meat and clothing as well as feral cats that protected against the attacks of ravenous nighttime rats.

The wild harmony of Zu’chen on her island-made guitar, woven with the raw melody of Zu’rito’s voice and driven by the percussive drum patterns of Zu’yen, warmed the island beasts until Eko Isle accepted them as her own. They would play through the night, a tribute to her creatures, until finally rescued by a small fishing boat whose captain heard their music carrying across the open water.