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Ariana and the Rose’s Immersive Live Music Party: Light + Space

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Each year boasts the most development than any previous one, 2018 has seen the success of 3D metal printing… and we’re not even half way through! Yet, so often, high-level technology feels far away. It’s hard to wrap our heads around. Where does the niche market meet the accessibility of the day to day? Well, I believe that art is often a bridge, taking something that feels out of reach and putting it right in our hands. The integration of tech into the art world has been a snowballing trend. As the products become more nuanced and audiences become more open, opportunities to meld both worlds are popping up and making for some really unique experiences.

I created an immersive event that combines a live concert, theater and a party all rolled into one galactic inspired evening. Light + Space sits at the cross section of what audiences have always loved, (great music and dancing) and where they are looking to the future (360 degree experiences that push the boundaries of live entertainment). Integrating a tech aspect into the show felt like a natural fit. Our show is all about transporting people to another world, a cosmic universe and what better way to feel like you’re on another planet than with a virtual reality experience.

Simply providing a 360 degree headset would not have warranted a place in the show. We treat our virtual reality experience like a piece of performance art. A galactic character from our show guides an audience member through their virtual world using a VR headset and SUBPAC M2 to heighten the experience.  Watching a 360 video while wearing a SUBPAC, which transfers the physical dimension of sound directly to the body, fully immerses an audience member into the world they are virtually exploring. This really allows someone to feel like they’ve been taken on a journey, within the structure of a show they are already losing themselves in.

This kind of integration puts tech right in the hands of people who otherwise may not have thought to explore it before. A person coming into an immersive event, a party, is open to trying something new, making it the perfect place to use technology and virtual reality specifically, to heighten their artistic experience, sometimes even transporting them to another world.

This was written by our friend Ariana the Rose.
Learn more about her current residency at Brooklyn’s House of Yes, for her immersive live music party, “Light + Space,” that includes an interactive virtual reality + SUBPAC installation, live music and theater.
Check out the visuals, below, and head here for info on the next “Light + Space” party: