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1st Silent Disco in the Dominican Republic

By May 18, 2015September 20th, 2017No Comments

The Muse Seek Project is an organization that breaks barriers between music and Deaf children, and together with music event company ShaveUrLegz, the first Silent Disco ever made in the Dominican Republic happened on May 2nd at the Juanillo Beach Music Festival 2015 celebrated in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic.

Juanillo is known to be a beautiful white sand beach and also a unique location for the hottest events like this special Silent Disco divided in two different scenarios: during the day it was specially for Deaf children, their parents, teachers and special guests; and during the night for adults.

It’s always been said that music is the universal language; but this Silent Disco featuring SUBPAC proved it. No speakers, no headphones, no way to hear the music; if you were a Deaf or hearing person, it didn’t make a difference because everybody was connected by the experience of feeling the music. The powerful image of a mother and her Deaf child wearing SUBPACs and dancing together to the same rhythm inspired many to join and support The Muse Seek Project’s cause to create inclusion and music equality.

This special Silent Disco continued at night as part of the music festival in which more than 3,000 people went to enjoy DJs and musicians playing at the beach. With a sponsorship from SUBPAC, Red Bull, Silent Storm and LSTN headphones; Dominican Republic had its first Silent Disco in which local DJs played all night long such as MKNI, a known and respected Dominican DJ and producer.

I’ve never seen people enjoying music in a way they couldn’t even imagine it was possible. When I started The Muse Seek Project two years ago I was completely sure that the music experience was so much more than just listening; but to be able to prove it and introduce Dominicans to SUBPAC is truly wonderful.

The Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic shares the project’s vision and will support the initiative to have SUBPACs in schools for the Deaf. Dominicans are inspired by how much it can be done with this game changer device, now they want more.

It’s safe to say Dominican Republic is spreading bass!!!