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What a year.
What a wake-up call.
What an opportunity to create the world we want to see.
One where artists and creators are at the forefront.

2021 can’t come fast enough, and we’re excited to usher in some big things…

Our new SUBPAC will change your life, from the studio to the street.  Our all-star development team was hard at work in 2020 breaking new ground in several areas.  We hit a couple of snags on sourcing and timing (largely due to the virus) but rest assured it will be worth the wait.  We took all your input and advice and are coming with a modular, software-controlled solution that will dial you in and be your secret weapon for beatmaking, production, mixing, and engineering needs.

subpac x1

We planted some strong seeds in automotive and aviation this year that will see SUBPAC be the backbone of travel for years to come.  We’re excited about the potential here, both for ourselves and for the artists and partners we are working with. Let no trip be without immersing yourself in deep physical bass frequencies…

subpac aviation and auto

*Due to contractual obligations we cannot post actual photos…..yet.  

We continue to explore the potential of music & sound in the world of health & wellness, through our community series immerse(d), put on by our non-profit Studiofeed.  We were recognized by our friends in the Deaf & hard of hearing community with a feature on CNN Tech for Good with Chris Fonseca.

These transformative times give us an opportunity for new voices and new ideas to arise and take hold, and we will continue to feature these important voices in our community advocating for advancements and positive change.  

immersed digital

We would like to give a massive thank you to our supporters, artist ambassadors, and stakeholders for giving us the opportunity to push our mission!

Everyone, feel it.