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Day 4

Wrapped up our VR installation with Run The Jewels at Fader Fort and moved over to the SXSW’s first VR/AR Exhibition.  Come and experience Killer Mike and El-P in full 360 degree VR + immersive BASS.
You can also catch us in the silent disco at the Gravitas Showcase at Barcelona today until 7:30pm



Day 2 and 3:

Day 2 and 3 of SXSW finds us at The FADER, FaderFort with Mass Appeal and the Run The Jewels team for the the “VRTJ” 360 music video for Crown.  Distributed by WEVR in conjunction with the New York Times VR app for both Android and iOS the video is a truly remarkable spectable in VR and one of the best musical pieces of content in VR we have ever seen.  Vistors to the Fort got to experience the video with SUBPAC S2’s directly through the NYTVR app.
Special thanks to the entire Mass Appeal, WEVR, The Fader, and the Windish Agency for having SUBPAC as a part of this remarkable event.

SUBPAC is spreading the bass to Austin for SxSW.  Here is a list of where you can find us throughout the week.

Check back here for daily updates!


Day 1:

SXSW for SUBPAC kicked off on Sunday night with the Austin VR and AR at Vuka Lounge where we were integrated with the new Vive music experience “TheWave”.  If you get a chance to check them out at GDC or any other VR events coming up they will be demo-ing their truly incredible live experience with the SUBPAC M2.  Using effects and a fully psychedelic 360 degree visualizer and performance platform within the Vive, look for them to be making BIG waves soon.  And as always it was great to see our friends from Turris, Littlstar, and Thrillbox in attendance.