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DOOM (id Software)

By May 13, 2016September 20th, 2017No Comments
doom-2016_004DOOM is arguably one of the most important series in video games. Developed by the legendary id Software, the various incarnations of this title set the standard for online multiplayer, graphic fidelity, and ultimately, gore and violence.
Tomes have been written on the history of the DOOM franchise, so we will focus on the 2016 release of DOOM.
Trying not to sound hyperbolic, DOOM’s release for PC in 2016 is one of the best gaming experiences ever released. The graphics are stellar (with an Nvidia GTX970 on an i7 provided by the lovely folks at iBUYPOWER), and the sound design continues Id’s legacy of world-class innovations. When the audio is combined with the extremely appropriate half metal/half dubstep soundtrack, the sonic package provided by DOOM is an experience to behold using SUBPAC. Every single sound, from the various weapons on offer, to the huge list of demons and monsters that will cross your path, is perfect at accomplishing it’s job of making DOOM feel like it occurs in a real place. Explosions will rock you to your core, firey projectiles whirring by your head will have you leaning out of the way in front of your monitor. It truly must be experienced to be appreciated, as DOOM is not for the faint of heart.
The already smooth-as-silk but extremely hectic gameplay of DOOM is greatly enhanced when physical audio is coursing through you. We don’t think a finer, more immersive first person shooter experience can be found anywhere, making this an easy title to call SUBPAC Optimized.

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