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DOTA 2 (Valve)

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DOTA 2 is the evolution of the original “Defense of the Ancients” custom map for Warcraft III. Valve titles such as Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive have origins as user-created content, and DOTA 2 continues this trend as one of the most richly sound designed and polished games available today. Two teams of 5 heroes fight for domination of a a single map, where each player is responsible for the progression, itemization, and tactics most appropriate to their position on the team. To play competitively, one must be aware of constantly shifting metagame, have intimate knowledge of team composition needs, and showcase advanced gamsense to be successful during the 30-60 minute matches. Sound plays an absolutely critical role in DOTA 2 for a number of reasons, not least of which being able to determine what is happening in hectic team fights mid-to-late game. If you can feel that the enemy team used an important skill via subtle Tactile Bass information, you gain an advantage against your opponents. Often the amount of sounds occurring at once can become confusing using headphones or speakers alone, but the exceptional tactile fidelity of SUBPAC means you can determine who’s doing what and where, and act accordingly toward victory. Valve has a reputation for world-class sound design in their titles, and SUBPAC allows users to more closely connect with that vital source of in-game information. Watching replays or live matches with SUBPAC makes the experience of watching your favorite teams and players even more exciting. DOTA 2 also has the unique distinction of being the first game to offer a full-featured Virtual Reality spectator mode where battles occur in front of you, and stats surround your virtual environment while watching others play.

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