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Fallout 4 (Bethesda)

By November 10, 2015September 20th, 2017No Comments

As you may know, Fallout 4 is one of the most engaging and immersive experiences available today. Bethesda games’ best-selling title of all time offers near-limitless gameplay, gritty, realistic graphics, and powerful sound & music. Bolstered by a trio of robust DLC releases, Fallout 4 grows into a truly living world, upon which you may make any mark you choose. Exploring The Commonwealth, particularly within the new “Survival Mode”, has never ben more intense or required more careful attention. Stumbling on a hidden raider encampment can often have dire consequences, and SUBPAC is there to help you perceive these sometimes elusive threats. The cinematic quality of the game’s score and graphics is greatly enhanced when you can truly feel it with SUBPAC, and getting lost in the environment has never felt so real as it does with Tactile Bass by your side.

We should also mention that special Vault-Tec SUBPACs can be purchased at the Bethesda shop. You can learn more below:




Fallout 4 and its DLC are available for PC/PS4/Xbox One now.