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Bass Chronicles


By July 27, 2018July 30th, 2018No Comments

We are honored and genuinely excited to announce an investment from Faurecia and welcome them into the SUBPAC family.  Faurecia is one of the foremost Auto Technology companies on the planet and we anticipate impactful and transformative collaborations in the years ahead.

Our initial foray into the automobile began with the stunning work of Peugeot in their concept car the Fractal.  Led by the visionary artist Amon Tobin, the fractal car gave life to something we’ve known for many years, consuming transformative media in the car requires deep physical immersion.

Faurecia, and their Cockpit of the Future initiative, is a partner with a tremendous track record of innovation and leadership.  We’ll be working together to define and optimize the human connection to music & sound and its delivery to the many millions of people on the road.


From the studio to the automobile, stay tuned for more announcements on our journey to unlock the potential of deep physical bass frequencies.

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