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immerse(d): a new event series powered by SUBPAC

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Anyone who knows music & bass, knows the impact it makes extends well beyond simple enjoyment.   The health & wellness benefits are real, and we are excited to be a part of a growing chorus of artists, academics and technologists pushing for a society that is seeking to optimally harness music – individually and collectively.

The immerse(d) event series brings together artists, academics and technologists under one roof.  Bass frequencies are an underlying theme of the event and we welcome any and all collaborations to push the narrative forward that a deeper connection to music is a benefits society in many ways.

Los Angeles, London and Montreal have all been very important ant cities in our development and we are excited to continue to build strong ties into these culturally significant communities.

Please join us, for a day of experiences and dialogue that you won’t soon forget…

Limited tickets available at:

See you soon!

immerse(d) Montreal tickets available HERE
immerse(d) LA