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Introducing BassBath: A Sonic Experience Powered by SUBPAC

By May 7, 2021No Comments

We want the world to be immersed in deep bass frequencies. More Bass, More Fun. 

Everywhere you’re experiencing music & sound, you should be able to switch on a ‘Powered by SUBPAC’ experience – to be physically immersed in high-fidelity bass frequencies. Powered by SUBPAC is a program where we engage in collaborative projects to embed our core technology into different places, for different cases outside of our pro studio focus.  

We are excited to give a sneak peek into our ‘Powered by SUBPAC’ program – beginning with BassBath. 

BassBath is a full-body, multi-sensory immersive wellness experience. BassBath features sonic journeys created by leading artists, many of which we work with, some of which we have not yet connected with – a great platform to showcase creators who are experts at crafting low frequencies through the lens of health & wellness.  BassBath is a collaborative project between experiential designers, architects, artists and researchers. The sky’s the limit with this level of immersion.   

Powered by SUBPAC means unlocking the power of sound. It’s more than just a technology, it’s a relationship with our community, partners, and mission that puts experience first, creators first, and a north star of liberating the transformative and communicative power of Music.  

With our new SUBPAC X1 set to be delivered soon, our SUBPAC Flow platform technology nearing completion, we will be expanding our reach as we continue our mission starting in the studio, to the street, and beyond.  

Feel Bass. Feel Better.




Interested in early access information about BassBath? CLICK HERE to sign up for updates.