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Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia

By October 6, 2016September 20th, 2017No Comments

We recently had the pleasure of taking part in the annual Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia, a multimedia event focusing on the outer edges of reality and featuring some of the brightest lights of the buzzing Psych music scene here in the UK.liverpoolvr2We worked with the creators of the PZYK Colony, billed as a ‘Late-night Immersive 360° Audiovisual Realm’ to provide an extra layer of immersion to some specially created Virtual Reality experiences.

Among these experiences was ‘Perambulator V1’ a collaboration between our friends at renowned VR/AR studio Draw & Code and visual artist Pete Fowler, known for his colourful work with band the Super Furry Animals. This is the first time that Fowler has turned his talents to the world of VR, and the combo of his otherworldly technicolor visuals coupled with the seamless animation blew away those that experienced it.livvr3