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Make it Wearable – with Richie Hawtin

By May 1, 2014September 20th, 2017No Comments

The Creators Project recently launched a documentary series zoning in on various innovators and creators who are using specific wearables to evolve their artform to the next-level. From a device that could change the way we experience music, to concept designs for inventions that don’t even exist yet, we’re highlighting wearable ideas and dreams that will bring us into the future of technology.

The first of the series focused on our products here at SUBPAC.

From their article:

Made by music engineers and self-described “music people” (along with gleaming support from dance music legends like Richie Hawtin, Kode9, Daedelus, and more), this technology offers users to feel music. Imagine playing a racing game and feeling the engine rev, or even performing live on stage and actually being able to hear the sounds your instrument is making without the speaker delay or audience being a distraction. SUBPAC could point to a future where experiencing music through multiple senses is not just commonplace, but expected. (The mind reels at what a Joy Orbison or Lex Lugar track feels like with this bad boy on).

In the documentary above, they spoke to iconic producer Richie Hawtin about wearable technology’s integration into live performance and production with SUBPAC, as well as other wearable ideas he’d like to see come to life.