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Odyssee Virtual Reality Experience – London Design Festival 2015

By October 18, 2015September 20th, 2017No Comments

We were very proud to be part of the first ever VR experience at the London Design Festival. Designer Tino Schaedler of Optimist Design joined forces with director Nabil and their company United Realities to create the piece as part of the ‘Ten Designers at Somerset House’ project and SUBPAC provided the tactile element bringing the all important feeling sense to the experience. Within one of the historical rooms in the West Wing, a black turbine sculpture was installed that established striking juxtaposition to the classical architecture of the existing room. The interactive installation served as a digital portal that played with the bounds of our perception – redefining the relationship between the physical and virtual space. Keep your eyes peeled for more SUBPAC action within upcoming Optimist Design VR experiences.

odyssey 3

odyssee guardian