Oris Jay Unboxing Video



We love this video from UK Electronic music legend Oris Jay, AKA Darquan unboxing his brand new SUBPAC S2!

Hold tight for part 2, where Oris will be road testing his SUBPAC S2 in the studio. Thanks to Oris for taking the time to help us to #SpreadBass!

What are you experiences of the S2 so far? We’d love to see your reaction, unboxing and studio session videos too!



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  • Susan Laurito says:
    August 18, 2016

    I would like to obtain more information about the SUBPAC and obtain more information about people willing to assist or teach individuals with autism how to play instruments. I am a Medicaid Service Coordinator and have to disabled individuals who love music and have a talent for self teaching themselves how to play instruments. Both individuals would benefit from some one who could help them develop their musical talents

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