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Raekwon x SUBPAC Collaboration

By March 22, 2017June 25th, 2018No Comments

Raekwon, as a solo artist, collaborator and part of the legendary Wu Tang Clan, is among the most culturally influential artists to walk the earth.
Raekwon’s music is a combination of skill, innovation & integrity -reaching the young, the old, and everyone in between.
Over the years, his music and collaborations have gone from strength to strength.We are excited to announce our collab with Raekwon, adding the SUBPAC’s physical dimension to his new album “The Wild”. An album that is sure to go down as a classic.
This limited edition immersive experience will be hand delivered to supporters and fans over the next few days.

When you press ‘play’ on “The Wild”, connected to the SUBPAC, the sonic and lyrical genius will flow through your body – the way it was meant to be experienced….the way all albums will one day be experienced – by feeling it. From Raekwon himself, “SUBPAC is great for music listeners who wanna feel quality sound that connects with your mind, body and soul”

We are truly humbled to have Raekwon on the mission to bring the feeling of sound to the world.
Big things ahead…