Bass Chronicles


By January 28, 2019No Comments

Our bass bin bothering friends over at DeafRave originally introduced us to Kevin Walker aka SignKid last year. A member of the collective SignKid is a London based hip hop artist, producer, performer, SignHealth ambassador and pioneer of his own visual language which incorporates British Sign Language (BSL).

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate SignKids story and his continued work with music, performance and interpretation. SignKid Released his first EP off the back of performances with the Deaf Rave crew at Fabric nightclub in 2015 and has performed at many venues and festivals across the country since.

In his music videos he uses a hearing rapper overlayed with his BSL interpretations. Check out his his latest video for his track Dumbass. We were very happy to see he featured his SUBPAC M2X.

Since we had the opportunity to connect with SignKid we have made sure he has access to our technology while working on his new projects. We look forward to seeing plenty more of him on stage at festivals, producing bass heavy music and writing lyrics that speak for sections of society that in the past has been marginalised.

Massive love to all the Deaf/ Hoh communities we continue to work with, helping to change the world with words, music and sound!

Be sure to check out his other videos and links below to keep upto date with SignKid and the DeafRave crew.