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Sounds Like London Film Festival

By October 8, 2015September 20th, 2017No Comments

This past weekend we were honoured to be invited down to provide our physical sound to the first annual Sounds Like London Film festival. Founded by writer and broadcaster Lloyd Bradley and filmmaker Winstan Whitter, it was founded to accompany Lloyd’s book of the same name, which chronicles black music culture in the Capital, from the first wave of Caribbean immigrants arriving in the 1940’s and 50’s that brought with them Ska and Mento music and kickstarted a cultural revolution that influenced and continues to influence the culture and music of London to this day.


With a full programme of rare and previously unseen music documentaries, talks and discussions from legendary producers such as Shut Up & Dance (they pioneered Jungle and Hardcore music as we know it today!) and filmmaker Menelik Shabazz. It was great to get such an insight into the vital role immigrants brought to the culture and music of London, soundsystems are more important than you think.


Thanks to Winstan and Lloyd for having us down, it was great to gauge people’s reactions to physical sound when used in the context of a music documentary, here’s to many more integrations like this in the future!