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SubPac’s Foundation – StudioFeed

By April 11, 2016September 20th, 2017No Comments

Recently, a number of amazing partners have joined the SUBPAC mission. Investment and development support from Andy Rubin’s innovative Playground Global, world-class music producer Timbaland, ‘A-list’ artists and professional athletes are just some of the new partners we’ll be providing details on in the days ahead.

SubPac’s ‘value’ as a company has increased, and so has our commitment to Music, our foundation.

As a founder and major shareholder I have personally committed half of my shares in SUBPAC to our foundation, StudioFeed, a registered non-profit dedicated to the Advancement of Music. If you know our history, you know SUBPAC was born out of StudioFeed – it’s our DNA. StudioFeed incubates and accelerates technology, media and philanthropic initiatives that create deeper connections and access to Music. These 3 pillars: technology, media and philanthropy will work together to optimize our cause – the Advancement of Music. Check out the first initiative we are supporting, The Muse Seek Project, who are doing incredible work to bring the physical experience of sound to deaf children in the Dominican Republic and beyond:!sub-pac/c14v2

In other words, StudioFeed, will be a meaningful owner in SUBPAC. We hope the implications of a ‘non-profit’ entity being a major owner in a ‘for-profit’ entity reverberates far and wide. The more successful SUBPAC is, the greater the value of the resources available to our foundation. Other partners who share in our beliefs about the importance of Music will also be committing their resources as we raise awareness and support for our foundation.

We believe Music is our greatest creation. Music unites us, Music communicates beyond words, Music heals and strengthens us. However, despite our continued reliance on Music in our lives and across multiple industries – real support for creators continues to erode.

‘Business as usual’ is a dying mantra in our world today, and SUBPAC is adding its voice to the mounting chorus of individuals and organizations who understand that a growing movement of people demand more than just a ‘product’. They demand an organizational ethos that supports the surrounding culture and community in a meaningful way. Our mission, ‘to move culture to a world that is feeling music & sound’ flows through everything we do, from the partnerships we cultivate, the collaborations we engage in, and the community initiatives we support.

Our goal is to bring the feeling of music & sound to everyone. When you see our logo, when you feel music & sound through your body, know that you are fueling a foundation dedicated to Music – our most powerful tool for positive change and cultural transformation.

To learn more about StudioFeed and to become a member, visit

For questions and collaborations contact john[at]

This is just the beginning.  Big things ahead…


John Alexiou