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SUBPAC at Senses

Senses London SUBPAC

Our London team recently had the pleasure of attending Senses, a sensory experience put on by the Hemraj Goyal Foundation at the unique Aures event space. The event was held in support of Sense International, a charity dedicated to helping people with deafblindness live, learn and thrive.

Senses London SUBPAC

Senses was inspired by an experience that the granddaughter and great granddaughter of Hemraj Goyal had with the deaf/blind community in Mumbai. The night focused on the fact that many of us take our sensory ability for granted in our day to day lives. By making the audience grateful for each individual sense, the foundation was able to help the audience connect to those who live with sensory impairment and to understand the complex communication issues they encounter.

SUBPAC Senses London

Attendees visited 5 stations (one for each sense) and got to experience a variety of smells, tastes, sights and also an audio led experience demonstrating what it’s like to lose your hearing. For the sense of touch, SUBPAC S2s were deployed to demonstrate the power of feeling sound and how it can be used to help the deaf and hard of hearing enjoy music.

senses london SUBPAC

The evening ended with the presentation of a £10,000 donation to Sense International. We were honored to be a part of such an inspiring event, and we look forward to working with both organizations again in the future.

Learn more:

Sense International: https://www.senseinternational.org.uk/
Hemraj Goyal Foundation: https://hgf.org.uk/