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The Museum of Future Experiences

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An experience blending immersive theater and personalized virtual reality for an exploration of individual & collective consciousness.

The Museum of Future Experiences (MoFE)  is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience blending immersive theater, psychology, and virtual reality. In groups of six or fewer, customers are guided through a 60-minute cerebral exploration that includes individual analysis, audio-visual stimulation, and dreamlike virtual reality curated to everyone’s individual psyche. MoFE exclusively uses SUBPAC S2’s and SUBPAC M2x’s for their VR experiences to truly transport each customer into an alternate reality.


Canvasing the VR experiences with SUBPAC’s technology translates to an awe-inspiring trip induced technologically, where customers suspend their perceptions, reflect on the subconscious, and feel the overwhelming thrill of having a hole bored through their heads.

Tickets for the NYC experience, situated in Andy Warhol’s former studio in SoHo, can be purchased at https://www.themofe.com/

MOFE subpac

Founder, David Askaryan