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The Gallery: Episode 1 – Call of the Starseed (Cloudhead Games)

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(HTC Vive)

Cloudhead Games’ “The Gallery: Call of the Starseed” is an exploration-based narrative adventure with world-class audio design and implementation.

One of the most infamous people in VR gave a keynote in 2015 that really resonated with us. His closing point was, paraphrasing, “I’m so pleased to see everyone creating VR content. However, I think we need to be looking toward experiences that couldn’t possibly exist in any other medium. Experiences that truly showcase the power and possibility of Virtual Reality.”

Call of the Starseed is one of these pioneering, innovative VR experiences.

This title succeeds with novel design on a number of fronts. Nausea-free “Blink” locomotion with height sensitivity and positional orientation. Narrative situations carrying emotional resonance difficult to convey via flatscreen. Novel puzzle mechanics that aren’t a chore to solve, without being immediately easy to crack. Stellar sound design and implementation, to the point where I found myself blinking around just to feel how the ambience mix changed. Environmental design so well executed I would find myself just interacting with it’s systems just for fun. A narrative arc that is both totally compelling and full of drastic but appropriate turns, particularly toward the conclusion of Episode 1.

We at SUBPAC are not the only ones that feels strongly about Starseed, as the Proto Awards honored the title the past three years.


Call of the Starseed honored by the Proto Awards 2014-2016

It is also important that we highlight the fantastic musical score and sound design for both their fidelity, implementation, and vibe. The music is extremely well made, and as the story progresses, provides emotional and tonal guidance perfectly. Starseed doesn’t just stay on the beach or in the nearby cave, and some of the fantastical things you will experience are all supported by the savvy and textural score.

If you are the owner of an HTC Vive, this experience is a must-own example of what true innovation in VR looks and feels like. We find Call of the Starseed to be one of the best representations of the importance of stellar music and audio in VR.  With the addition of SUBPAC, Starseed becomes probably the most engrossing demonstration of why physical sound is a crucial component of this emerging creative medium.


“What Cloudhead Games have accomplished here is such a rare and delightful balance between a mysterious narrative and a world ripe for discovery and exploration that it’s truly difficult to really describe.” – David Jagneaux, Upload VR

We feel that The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed is one of the best pairings with SUBPAC in VR, and is available on Steam now.

Learn more at Cloudheadgames.com