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Smash Hit (Mediocre)

By October 27, 2016September 20th, 2017No Comments

(Gear VR)

maxresdefaultsmash-hitDeveloper Mediocre has created a visually and sonically beautiful experience for Gear VR that anyone can enjoy with “Smash Hit”.

There are a LOT of Gear VR experiences that utilize the “Gaze” targeting method. You aim where you are looking, tap the side button to shoot.
It’s a logical way to interact with a limited control scheme, and we see it so much because it works. Smash Hit has the user careening down seemingly infinite polygonal hallways, shooting a limited supply of projectiles at glass structures so that you may pass through undamaged. The mechanic is satisfying, and the gameplay keeps your attention while encouraging replay.

However, Smash Hit has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it stand out in a sea of content. First and foremost, the worlds you will travel through are fantastical and constantly changing. The glass structures gain in complexity and design as you progress, and though your perspective only moves forward in a straight line, the diversity of environment keeps things interesting.

Apart from the excellent gameplay and quality visuals, music is arguably the star of the show. Slowly increasing in complexity and intensity as you complete levels, Smash Hit’s audio and music work incredibly well with SUBPAC. Moody tech house textures pulsate with stunning clarity, encouraging the user to keep playing, if only to see what the music will do next. Pair this rocking soundtrack with the continual shattering of the glass structures, and you have one of the best sonic experiences available on Gear VR today.

Smash Hit is available on the Oculus Store for $2.99