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Héctor Triadio, a deaf double Bassist, sits down with SUBPAC

By August 10, 2021No Comments

“SUBPAC will change your life!”

It was a pleasure introducing the SUBPAC to Héctor Tirado, a deaf double bassist recognized as today’s most talented bass soloist in Puerto Rico. Tirado captured his experience in the video below. We invite you all to check it out!

Learn more about Tirado with a short interview and bio below.
(Be sure to check out his song recommendations!)

Q: Where did you first learn about the SUBPAC? 
A: The first time I heard about SUBPAC was in a YouTube video. I saw it, and I loved the concept of this product.

Q: How long have you played the double bass? 
A: 42 years and counting!

Q: How are you setting the SUBPAC up to be able to feel the double bass?
A: I use proprioception to feel the vibrations of the double bass through my skin, and I use the SUBPAC M2 as a reference monitor to feel the low frequencies on my back.

Q: What are your three favorite songs to play on the double bass? 
A: I have an extensive repertoire to play on the double bass, but if I have to choose three pieces, I would choose the following:
1- Cello Suite no. 3 Johann Sebastian Bach
2- Kol Nidrei- Max Bruch with organ accompaniment
3- Ave Maria- Bach Gounod with organ accompaniment.

Q: What are your three favorite songs to feel through the SUBPAC?
A: In general, I like to feel through the SUBPAC any style of music where you feel the bass frequencies of the bass and drums. Generally, I like to feel on my back the repertoire of organ, classical music, film movie soundtracks, and progressive rock, but if I have to choose three songs, I would choose the following:
1- Toccata and Fugue in D minor- Johann Sebastian Bach
2- Tom Sawyer – Rush
3- Symphonies 1-9- Ludwig van Beethoven

More about Héctor Tirado: 

Héctor Tirado

Due to the lyrical and technical mastery of the instrument, bassist Héctor Tirado is recognized as today’s most talented bass soloist in Puerto Rico. Especially notable are his accomplishments while overcoming a hearing condition. In addition, his mentor, the legendary bassist Gary Karr, praised him, who signifies that “his innate sense of musicality and great understanding of bowing techniques makesTirado one of the most important string players of the world of strings music today.”

Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, professor Tirado studied at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and Yale University. He earned his degrees of Bachelor’s and Master’s in Music, respectively. His most notable teachers and mentors have been Gary Karr, Diana Gannett, Manuel Verdeguer, and Orlando Cárdenas.

Tirado also offers motivation conferences about “Proprioceptivity- How to perceive the sound through the skin.” In addition, Tirado presented a demonstration lecture and Master class about Proprioseptivity in Bogota, Colombia, Barcelona Bass Meeting 2013, Barcelona, Spain, and the International Society of Bassists Convention 2013 in Rochester, NY. On this occasion, he was invited to be a jury of the Solo Competition.

Tirado has participated in recitals, being invited to play in private and public presentations and for the media in Spain, United States, Canada, Colombia, and Puerto Rico.

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