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Kyrie Irving Rocks SUBPAC at NBA Finals

By June 22, 2016October 30th, 2017No Comments

SUBPAC Kyrie Irving NBA Finals Game1

During 2016 NBA Finals Game 1 post-game press conference, Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard Kyrie Irving was seen wearing SUBPAC, our M2 wearable immersive music gear.

After going for a team leading 31 points in the effort – and following up with a monster Game 5 performance to help his team push the series to Game 7, and then the 3-pointer over Curry to seal the championship for Cleveland it’s clear – Kyrie and the Cavs are feeling it.

The SUBPAC M2 allows you to go beyond headphones, and actually feel your favorite music. Subtle vibrations are transferred to your body in sync with a song’s bass & beats, massaging you with music. No wonder Kyrie and the Cavs are using their SUBPAC before and after games. You get immersed, zoned in.

When asked by a reporter about the wearable technology, Kyrie replied, “It’s a SUBPAC. You’ll be hearing about it soon.” And if you follow Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat @rjeff24, you can see

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