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Bass Chronicles

Life Echos with Justin Wiggan

By April 16, 2018No Comments

At SUBPAC we work with a mixture of partners across different disciplines and industries but Justin Wiggan straddles quite a few within his project Life Echos. Justin is an artist well versed in sound, phonics, film and performance. His work is internationally exhibited and currently pushes into the boundaries of art, health and wellness. Through experimental collaborations in medical and creative sectors with partners like Sense Charity, TouchBase Pairs and Crisis, Life Echos aims to delve into sound and it integral role in the formation and recollection of memories.


We are more than aware of the power of sound and music and its effects on health and memory functions, so we look forward to future case studies with Life Echos involving physical sound delivered by SUBPAC technology.

Keep an eye on our socials and blog for more info on Justin’s latest project ‘The Internal Garden’ where plant biometrics are converted into sound and vibrations by measuring the electrical resistance of a selection of plants tissues and then converting it into a MIDI signal with the result experienced with headphones and the SUBPAC M2X. This happens while the user interacts with the plant making it into a living musical conversation!

The Internal Garden will be exhibited at the Eden Project and Future Music Forum later this year.

Learn more about Justin Wiggan here:

Twitter: @justin_wiggan