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Bass Chronicles


By July 30, 2015September 20th, 2017No Comments

Every so often on our adventures through outer bass we are invited to some pretty incredible places to speak about our mission to spread a new dimension of physical sound into the world.  Recently, the good people of 72andSunny invited us down to the second iteration of their Nerdy@72 series of talks.

Since Nerdy@72 was envisioned as a way to present new and exciting forms of art and technology, we discussed everything from the proud origins of the SUBPAC itself in Toronto, to why it’s important for content creators to have their creations FELT rather than just heard.  Spreading bass is about more than just music, but all manner of sound; from film and television, to VR and gaming.  Immersive audio is the best way to bring the audience closer to the transmedia experience, whatever it may be.

The impact of physical sound is profound and showcasing that in the packed auditorium of Nerdy@72 was a truly unique and highly enjoyable experience for us.  We’re very excited to attend the next Nerdy@72 as guests!