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By March 26, 2015September 20th, 2017No Comments

It’s hard not to get lost at the annual SXSW conference held every March in Austin, Texas.  With so many people and so many showcases, it’s easy to get mixed up and turned around.  However this year bass heads were able to find themselves quite easily on Thursday night this year at our Spacebass Texas Takeover held in conjunction with the insurmountable Reid Speed’s PLAY ME Records.


Hitting a capacity crowd very early in the evening the dancefloor was packed the entire evening with killer sets from Dirt Monkey, Reid Speed, Eliminate, 2ToneDisco, and a first ever US appearance by Jumodaddy.  The SUBPAC S2 was in the house on the upstairs patio for the bass fiends to come and experience the fullness of the mix and get their low frequency fix from us.

A special thank you to the other artists, labels, and partners we got to hang with this year as well: Gravitas Records, Teklife, Ableton, Hyperdub, Symbols, Moving Castle, and Audeze.