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SUBPAC at VRLA Summer Expo 2016

By September 8, 2016September 20th, 2017No Comments

Los Angeles, CA

VRLA’s Summer Expo 2016 brought over 6,000 people to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the largest Virtual Reality event in the world.

Over 130 Exhibitors and Sponsors supported the event, while industry experts sat on 30+ panels and presentations covering significant issues pertaining to VR.

In conjunction with VRLA, SubPac collaborated with leading VR music performance software TheWave, 3D LED screen and content developer 3D Live, Skullcandy, and WeLens to host a proof-of-concept for live VR electronic music performance.

“Performing at VRLA was one of the most unique experiences of my life. It is exciting to be at the forefront of how this technology can be utilized to change the face of how we create and perform music while interacting on a completely different plane.” -Laura “Alluxe” Escude

Attendees enter the 30×30 volume with a SUBPAC M2 strapped to their back, Skullcandy headphones, and the option of 3D glasses for viewing TheWave’s visuals on the 3D Live screen, or joining the performer inside TheWave’s VR environment via Samsung Gear VR.

TheWave VR is a music creation and performance application. Performers are presented with an array of effects, mixer functionality, and control over the psychedelic visuals surrounding them and the audience. Attendees strap on a Gear VR and enter the world of TheWave as avatars, sharing the same space with the performers.

A special version of TheWave was authored to take advantage of the beautiful 3D Live display technology, allowing for a three dimensional representation of the TheWave’s VR space across the 3D LED screen.

rosenberg.jamie-11 “Building the VR Rave with SUBPAC, TheWave, Skullcandy and WeLens for VRLA was an amazing experience. It was exciting to put together a world-first in VR and live music. I mean come on, Virtual Reality DJs with holographic visuals and audio that you can feel? It was SIK! And for hundreds of people to be able to participate in the VR environment through our Holographic 3D LED without the need for an army of headsets was an excellent use case. I think the VRLA audience really got how unique and groundbreaking it all was. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to push the boundaries even further with such an amazing team of industry leaders!” – Ryan Pardeiro – COO – 3D Live

In addition to the incredible technology on offer, the two day event hosted TheWave performances from respected artists including Champagne Drip, Grimecraft, Gladkill, Goldrush, Alluxe, 2ToneDisco, ChrisB, Psy Fi, Jen Lasher, and Origin.

Merging electronic music performance and virtual realty seems like a logical direction for the music industry. Large scale dance events all over the world are vying to create the most breathtaking experiences with visuals and sound, but the idea of attending a virtual event with other people has only begun to be explored.

SubPac’s ability to provide physical audio is central to the future of VR music events.

“SUBPAC brings the feels into VR no doubt. Performing in TheWave was insanely fun, and the SUBPAC adds that layer of physical immersion that puts you front & center IN the magic.” – GoldRush

All aspects of this first-ever collaborative “VR Rave” event point toward SUBPAC’s core ability to connect people more closely to art, sound, and technology; much like Virtual Reality itself.

Those with experience in Virtual Reality know that the vast majority of the time, VR requires headphones. Speaker manufacturers have some ideas about driver arrays and positionally tracked audio, but for the time being, and considering how vital head-tracking is to VR immersion, headphones will be the primary way users experience VR.

Though critical for immersion, headphones alone are not a complete solution for VR audio.

It is logical to use headphones so that audio naturally follows the user in VR. Adding SUBPAC provides another level of immersion by projecting often under-represented low frequency content directly into your body. As you move, everything the developers want you to hear and feel, follows you around seamlessly, increasing presence in a manner impossible with other technology.

VR developers have more sonic room to express their vision when titles are designed for SUBPAC, as exhibited by sounds and music created with SUBPAC that can be found in current and forthcoming AAA titles on major gaming and VR/AR platforms.

Rounding off the incredible range of talent, visionary artist Android Jones was kind enough to perform with his Microdose VR visual instrument for HTC Vive on the Saturday of VRLA.

Microdose VR’s whirring fractal elements were shattered then woven together again by Jones himself with the Vive Controllers in front of the 3D Live screen. The resulting 3D imagery being manipulated in real time was fantastic to behold. The entire event seemed to pause the moment Jones’ performance begun, and what he showed us was really compelling. You can get some idea of how beautiful Microdose VR is via this cell phone video linked below.

NOTE: The Microdose VR images on the screen are being projected in 3D, so their doubled appearance is designed to be viewed with 3D glasses.

We at SUBPAC would like to thank everyone at VRLA, TheWave VR, 3D Live, Skullcandy, WeLens, Mindful Massive, and all of the artists who performed for coming together to create something truly new and innovative in the VR music space.