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SUBPAC at Good Vibrations Music Festival

By August 15, 2017October 30th, 2017No Comments
Good Vibrations x SUBPAC

When The Beach Boys first sang about “Good Vibrations” on their 1966 single, they had no idea the way their words would literally vibrate through time and space to inspire generations more of good vibes and eventually spawn San Antonio’s “Good Vibrations” inclusive music festival.

Good Vibrations x SUBPACThe incredible members of this community do not see being deaf or hard of hearing as a disability, but rather as a superpower, with they themselves being superheroes.  We could not agree more with this way of thinking.

A first-time music festival filled with folk and southern alt-rock, the festival brought together the San Antonio deaf and hard of hearing community and beyond with some of the world’s best ASL performers performing alongside the bands.  SUBPAC attended with over 40 SUBPAC M2s which we used to distribute to the deaf and hard of hearing patrons at the festival so that they could feel the bands and music performing.

Good Vibrations x SUBPACWorking with this community continues to humble us beyond words and we look forward to our next adventures in feeling music along with our friends, family, and partners in this incredible community.  Everyone deserves music and it is a gift to be able to provide it.

For more information about the Good Vibrations Music Fest please visit: goodvibrationsmusicfest.com

SUBPAC has helped many in the deaf and hard of hearing community experience music and sound. Learn more: Here