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The Lab (Valve)

By September 15, 2016September 20th, 2017No Comments

(HTC Vive)

In our opinion, if you haven’t tried Valve’s incredible “The Lab”, you haven’t tried the best thing currently available in Virtual Reality.
This package of innovative experiences set in a Portal/Aperture Science pocket universe showcases both Valve’s world-class development prowess and legendary sense of humor. Valve knows how to make things look pretty and sound fantastic while ensuring gameplay is both easily accessible while offering near-infinite replay value.

The Lab is a series of (for lack of a better term) minigames where you shoot flaming arrows at raiders attempting to invade your castle, control a hand-held drone fighting within a 1990s-flavored space shooter, catapult personality spheres into exploding warehouse inventory, and play with an artificially intelligent dog while standing on a stunningly beautiful cliff, among any other compelling and humorous surprises.

Some of the “experiments” are quiet and contemplative, while others pulse with an electronic beat. Explosions sit right next to subtle audio detail, each drawing you into the various worlds Valve transports you to. The Lab a fantastic SUBPAC Optimized VR Experience for novices and seasoned players alike.

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