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The Presence (Pseudoscience Pictures)

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(Gear VR)
The Presence is an interactive 360 video experience that finds the user in an apartment during a 4 person dinner party.
Innovations in real-time 360 editing mean that the experience is directed by the user, not the other way around.
The sound design and score are excellent, and they have mixed and added content to specifically take advantage of Physical Audio and SUBPAC; A first for 360 content.
From their Website:

The short horror film, The Presence, is the first production from Pseudoscience Pictures. The story follows four characters through a séance gone wrong. It is a proof-of-concept film illustrating Pseudoscience’s two approaches to VR storytelling: active and reactive.

In the active version the viewer is able to move around freely through multiple viewpoints – discovering different threads of a larger plot in a method inspired by live, immersive theatre. The other version, reactive, waits for the viewer’s gaze to discover the next shot organically – allowing the filmmaker to tell a story through an audience’s natural curiosity.

The Presence is available for free from the Oculus Gear VR site:

Learn more about Pseudoscience Pictures on their site: