Unsound 2014

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SUBPAC was honoured to be involved again in this year’s Unsound festival, Krakow edition. Continuing a partnership we have with renowned sonic explorer and artist Ben Vida, we collaborated to provide support for his extraordinary ‘Damaged Particulates’ installation, held at the stunning new Cricoteka Museum in central Krakow. Following on from its successful run in Berlin last week and previous shows in New York, expectations were high for this showcase of Ben’s remarkable exploration of psychoacoustics and the human body’s response to sound and vibration, which was created with the SUBPAC in mind. Needless to say all who participated in this one of a kind experience were blown away!

The 30 minute piece, ‘an eleven movement solo composition for fixed and live electronics’ explores spatiality and attempts to break down our perception of rhythm through the coupling of different tones and frequencies, creating a soundscape that appears at the same time formless and oddly rhythmic. The SUBPACs, coupled with conventional speakers and subs allow for a fuller range of low and sub frequencies to be experienced by the audience, creating at times an almost overwhelming experience, during some parts of the show the whole room appeared to be ‘breathing’ with vibrations.

Unsound audienceThe response to the piece has been phenomenal and we look forward to the next round of shows, which will be occurring next year. Thanks to all at Unsound and everyone who passed through over the weekend, we at SUBPAC as always are proud to be providing the next level of physical sound experiences. See you at the next show!