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Meet Whitney Taber: An Industry Executive Blazing the Trail for the Next Generation of Women in Music

By March 23, 2022May 16th, 2023No Comments

Women’s Month Series

Next up in our Women’s Month series is Whitney Taber, former Manager & VP of business development for Recordplant recording studio and Los Angeles Chapter Leader of the nonprofit organization, Girls Make Beats.

Whitney Taber started in the music industry over a decade ago taking a job as the Executive assistant to Rihanna’s Creative Director. Shortly after that she began working at the RecordPlant. Working with the music industry’s top artists such as WIil I Am, Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X, Prince, Justin Bieber, Pharrell and Beyonce. Being the only woman in the building for the last 10 years starting as an intern, working up the ladder to Studio manager and eventually ending as the Vice President.

During those 10+ years she stayed immersed in her own creativity along with her love for helping others she explored other avenues of the entertainment industry. Becoming a TV and radio personality Producing and hosting with Internet based start up Dash Radio and All Def Digital.

Her Passion and purpose collided in 2017 when she became the Los Angeles Chapter Leader for Girls Make Beats. With GMB she helps to create opportunity, representation and change in the male dominated music industry while also being an example of great things women can achieve with the right leadership to ensure the next generation of women and music will be heard, represented and respected.

Ms. Taber is the very proud LA Chapter leader along with handling strategic Partnerships for Girls Make Beats! The 2020 launch of Her creative agency Pretty Funny Productions she is jumping back into radio/ podcasting, content creation, Television, and Audio production. Producing shows & content such as The Girls Make Beats Podcast, The Plug Radio, GMB’s You Glow Girl and so much more. She is also an entertainment consultant for multiple studios in LA along with creative consulting for various crypto & NFT projects in the Web3 Her mission is to continue making quality content to help move conversation and the culture forward, while creating bigger opportunities for people especially girls and women to think, grow and create freely.

We are excited to shine a spotlight on all of the amazing work Whitney is doing to create a more inclusive industry for future generations of women in music. Big up, Whitney!

Next: check out the Girls Make Beats Podcast, produced by Whitney 👯‍♀️

A podcast for girls, by girls!

Girls Make Beats Podcast is a fun safe space for young girls to discuss topics relevant to them such as; Music, School, Fashion, Food, Creativity, Current Events, Hot Topics and more!