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Meet Katrīna Allikas: Chief Marketing Overlord at Sonarworks

By March 22, 2022May 16th, 2023No Comments

Women’s Month Series

We are featuring some incredible women this month that are transforming the world of audio and tech! For this next feature, SUBPAC is proud to spotlight Katrīna Allikas of Sonarworks.

Through her work, Katrīna has built a solid reputation in the audio industry. She is currently Chief Marketing Officer of Sonarworks, an award-winning audio technology that delivers precision audio correction software to the masses. 

Katrīna has been instrumental in growing the Sonarworks brand. As an integral part of the executive team, she leads global marketing and PRO sales teams. On top of that, Katrīna is also responsible for artist relations and large-scale projects with prominent audio brands- like SUBPAC! She has been a pleasure to get to know, and we are excited to keep it going! More on Katrīna below:

Q+A with Katrīna Allikas

Chief Marketing Officer and CCO for PRO Sales at Sonarworks

Q. How did you get interested in music + tech?

A. I guess more seriously from the second grade when I started playing violin. I spent 9 years in Music School, learned everything from theory to playing various instruments but never thought of a career in music. But the opportunity to join Sonarworks provided a different way of looking at my contribution to the music industry so ever since joining Sonarworks 4 years ago, I haven’t been more excited about my place in the audio world.

Q. What achievement are you most proud of?

A. I’m really proud of Sonarworks as a team. We’re such a small team from a tiny country but we have managed to do so many great things in both consumer and professional audio worlds. We have won NAMM Tec awards and CES Innovation awards along with 10 others and there are very few companies globally who have been innovative in both of these worlds. It’s very inspiring to know that with great team efforts very powerful technologies can be built regardless of the human or financial resources you have.

Q. Who are your favorite women in music + tech? What qualities do you admire about them?

A. Maria Elisa Ayerbe. Working in male dominated industry is not easy. And staying so kind and being an inspiration to others is even harder. She’s a true pleasure to work with and I hope that there will be many more GRAMMY Awards for her in the future. 

Q: What’s the greatest risk you’ve taken?

A. Switching industries. I have worked in a foreign policy & defense sector when leading an NGO focused on Latvia’s role in NATO. Then I moved to Singapore and worked for banking & fintechs. And now it’s audio innovations. Coming into a new field is always scary but also lets you think outside the box – you can apply many tactics used in other industries to push your organization towards faster growth. 

Q. If you could have one superpower, what would you like it to be?

A. I’ll sound like a beauty queen right now but in all honesty – ability to maintain world peace. I have been so lucky to live in a democratic country and have all the freedom I want in my life. But now with the recent Russian invasion in Ukraine our whole perception of our freedom and peace is shaken. People are scared, angry, upset and want things just to be normal again. Ukraine stands for universal humanity values that are important to all of us across the globe – our families, our history, identity, land, and peace. I wish everyone would care deeply about these values and not greed, money and power.

Q. What helped you navigate your way through a male-dominated industry?

A. I think it’s kinda logical that men did. Yes the industry is male-dominated but I have never thought about it in that way in my experience. I know that for audio engineers it’s probably different but for me working on tech that hasn’t been a problem. I actually have been highly supported by our co-founder Martins my whole journey. I haven’t had a time when I felt I have been treated differently just because I’m a woman. If something went south it was because I didn’t deliver, not because of who I am. Or maybe just because I think about it in a way that there is no dominance it helps me to navigate through more easily 

Q. Do you have any advice for women in the music/tech industry just starting out?

A. There always will be too many things on the plate. Learn how to see the bigger picture and how to say no. It’s ok to have a 10k mailbox, it’s ok to postpone a meeting, it’s ok to ask for help – as long as you know your goals, understand your key results and do the 20% effort that will deliver you the 80% result.

Q. What’s the future of music + tech?

A. I honestly think the music industry now is taking the turn where it will become more experience based like it was 50 years ago. Back then people spent time to go across the country to buy that one limited vinyl plate and planned ahead listening parties and concerts. Now with all the digital opportunities we are taking this to the next level. People across the globe will now have more opportunities to be a part of bigger happenings and share emotions live in metaverse and through NFTs. Technology also enables us to be now more immersed into the music through spatial and personalized audio and with that being more connected with artists. And that’s what fans care so much about.   


Q. What are you working on now…anything exciting you want to share? 🙂

A. Sonarworks and SUBPAC are working together to build a really great tool for creators. Both companies are excited about this project and we can’t wait to release it in the market this year.

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