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Bass Chronicles

Immersed Episode #07: Sound Environment

By September 29, 2021No Comments

We are excited to announce our newest Immersed Digital event: Sound Environment.

In this episode, we will take a closer look at the role of sound environments in the creation and cultivation of our individual and collective experiences. From the educational and experiential lens of our panel of musicians, sound designers, forward-thinking technologists, and academia, we will open up the relative spaces in relationship to music and sound and in doing so, will continue our explorations into the powerful potential of music and sound in our lives.

Featuring Living Room style panel chats with:

+++ Exclusive A/V performance Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner

[FREE] Register Here:

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Immersed is our global event series around music, health, and technology. In each episode, we bring together artists, scientists, practitioners, and technologists to explore how deep immersive music and sound can optimally impact us, individually and collectively.

Immersed is presented by StudioFeed – the not-for-profit arm of SUBPAC. Learn more and join our mission at