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Sense: Thrive Festival

By September 30, 2021No Comments

We recently had the opportunity to support Sense and their wonderful team of volunteers from their London Buddying programThrive is an inclusive and accessible festival for young people with complex needs setting out to break down barriers and to enable connections between young disabled people in London. 

Sense Charity

Throughout the day Sense held a range of activities and workshops including performances from the Grand Union Orchestra, open mic sessions and a selection of sensory spaces including technology from SUBPAC and Playtronica.

We supplied exclusive playlists and SUBPAC demos throughout the day followed by a silent disco in collaboration with our friends at SilentEvent in the evening.

Kobi trying out an M2X

Here’s to the future as Sense continues to enable access to festival type events! Big festival organizers take note! We need to make much more effort to enable access to music especially at outdoor events, this was a perfect example of how it should be done!

Sense Charity were also at the Birmingham Weekender Cultural Festival recently with the Internal Garden installation. 

Pictures and more info HERE.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to all who attended, the Sense team, London buddy crew and  Silent Event. It’s always a pleasure to enable people to connect to music and sound. 

If you want to volunteer for Sense or their Buddying program or maybe you are a festival organizer who would like to help them out in the future? You can find out more info HERE.

Photos by @donnasamuelsphotography / @sensecharity / @SunneySenseArt