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Bass Chronicles


By November 7, 2017No Comments

Set up in the ‘Great Lawn’ in a dome amongst the trees of the beautiful Staten Island Botanical Gardens, New York’s ‘Future Of StoryTelling’ conference was one of our favorite events this year. A cutting-edge media Summit and Festival, it brings together new and futuristic technology and skilled creatives to explore new ways to tell stories in the emerging transmedia world.

We had the opportunity to host our own dome and collaborated with Producer and DJ FreQ Nasty to present a ‘Music, Meditation and Technology’ program.

Each group of 10 participants was led simultaneously through a carefully curated experience that involved a 10 min talk about the intersection of Music, Meditation and Technology. Then, a 15 minute live mix of SUBPAC Optimized™ music delivered via the SUBPAC M2 and headphones, and a 5 minute sharing and debrief session where participants shared the often profound shifts they experienced during the SUBPAC powered Sound Meditation protocol.

The experience was designed to create both individual transformation, group bonding, and transpersonal experience through interaction and performance with SUBPAC technology and SUBPAC Optimized music and sound.

Learn more about SUBPAC Optimized: here.